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Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Gabrielle Ortega, Owner and Founder of OM Therapy Coaching, and I'm so excited to lead you on this journey of healing and self-discovery!

I am a Mental Health and Personal Development Coach, who helps people learn how to decode their minds, heal from past wounds, discover their power, and break through to living their best lives ever!

I integrate the Western sciences of Psychology and Neurobiology with ancient Eastern philosophies and practices, to create customized programs that focus on whole-person wellness.

My goal is to empower you to fully step into who you are, with compassion and courage, and guide you towards finding purpose and fulfillment.


Get Started on Your Mental Wellness Journey:

Download Your FREE 7-Day Highest Self Journaling Workbook Here!

Get started on your mental wellness journey today by downloading this fun 7-day journaling challenge!

One of the foundational tools for deep inner transformation, is consistent self-reflective journaling.

This practice incorporates neurolinguistic programming, visualization, and mindfulness to actively reshape your neural pathways to support more confidence, inner peace, connection to self, and happiness.

Want to feel more focused? In-control? Self-aware? Less anxious? More hopeful or exited about life? Then this mini workbook is definitely for you!

In this workbook, you'll receive 7 days of prompts to help you begin building your own daily journaling routine for your mental wellness and personal development goals.

Are you ready to dive in??


Creating Positive Thinking Workbook


Let's Work Together To...

  • Discover your authentic self

  • Decode and understand your unconscious mind 

  • Gain emotional mastery

  • Heal old wounds

  • End negative patterns

  • Step into your power and embrace a new confidence

  • Develop lasting and fulfilling relationships

  • Discover your life's purpose

  • Learn deep self-love and self-compassion

  • Cultivate your best life possible!


Not too long ago...

...I went from living on autopilot and allowing life to happen TO me, to stepping into my full power as my highest self and making my life work FOR me.

I quit my 9-5 job, did some serious deep inner healing, awakened to my soul and my purpose, and completely changed my life into something I couldn’t have even dreamed about!

When I decided to leave it all behind, I took a big risk and it’s resulted in an even bigger reward- being able to teach others that there’s more to life and to YOU than you’ve ever imagined possible. Investing in my self-awakening and inner transformation was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it’s HANDS DOWN the main reason I am where I am now.

I am here for you throughout this transformational process, I see you and I hear you, and it is my soul’s calling to help you achieve and live the life you want to, with purpose, passion, and complete confidence.

I won't let you fall.

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime, sister! I’m so excited to guide you towards endless self-love, self-empowerment, and self-awakening. 


Coaching Offerings


1:1: Mental Health Coaching

Specialized, 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me to help you achieve your personal development goals. A totally individual and unique experience from beginning to end!

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Ready to take the next steps?

Fill out a short application by clicking the link below, and let's see if we're a good fit!


What Clients Are Saying


Where do I start with this angel of a woman? I found Gabby on Instagram and her happy energy was what attracted me to want to work with her. I did the video session coaching, not knowing how effective it would be since it wasn’t in person but she made it so easy to open up to her as if I was sitting right across from her in person. Even through the computer, I could feel the love and compassion she had for me while she would listen to my pain and watch me cry. She even cried with me once, which I thought was the sweetest thing ever! She’s not just someone who has education on how to help people heal but she genuinely feels your pain,  listens to you and provides you with the tools to get happier and healthier. Gabby is incredible at what she does because she is not only extremely knowledgeable and educated but she’s also been through and overcome a lot of her own pain so she personally understands what you’re going through. Gabby is an extremely compassionate person who was very gentle with me during this difficult time in my life. I was not in a place where I could handle tough love so I’m glad her approach was to make sure I felt safe and cared for. I was going through deep depression and anxiety at the time and she was one of the only people who I had opened up to. There were a quite a few instances where I had really bad anxiety episodes and I would reach out to her and spill what was running through my mind and body and she was ALWAYS there to comfort me and remind me what I was feeling was normal. One big thing I learned from her was that all my feelings are valid. So many of my feelings and thoughts were uncomfortable but she made me feel validated and reminded me that it was all normal due to my circumstances. I learned that it’s normal to go through all my emotions during the healing process. She’s a person who has so much self-love and has done a lot of work on herself and she truly loves helping others dig deep and find love for themselves too!

Angine G.
Corporate Professional

What did you love MOST about your coaching experience?

Having someone professionally and holistically trained to witness my process and hold me accountable to my values.

What specific results did you see?

Approving myself. Trusting myself. Honoring my timeline. Honoring my feelings. Witnessing my inner-growth.

What part of the coaching allowed for the most growth?

Holding me accountable.

Anythings else you want to share with other potential OMTC clients?

Ever wondered what it's like to feel happy, at peace and calm with where you are at life? Well, this is your chance for that!

- Dr. Kendy Rivera

Leading Expert in Chicana/Chicano and Central American Studies & Border Relations

(and all-around badass female thought-leader and trailblazer!)


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On the Blog...


“Belonging so fully to yourself that you’re willing to stand alone is a wilderness— an untamed, unpredictable place of solitude and searching. It is a place as dangerous as it is breathtaking, a place as sought after as it is feared. The wilderness can often feel unholy because we can’t control it, or what people think about our choice of whether to venture into the vastness or not. But it turns out to be the place of true belonging, and it’s the bravest and most sacred place you will ever stand.”

Brené Brown

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