Creating A Positive Mindset Workbook

Creating A Positive Mindset Workbook

This workbook is packed with helpful tools to help you begin creating a lasting positive mindset.


Our mindset heavily influences how we feel every day, and it's driven by subconscious programming we received from ages 0-7.  The core beliefs we developed about ourselves and the world around us were created from our subconscious programming, and act as filters through which we understand and interpret all of our experiences.  


Most of us have many more negative core beliefs than positive ones, and these negative beliefs can lead to general feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, unworthiness, danger, and other distressing emotions.  When we have positive core beliefs, we feel that we are safe, capable, valued, loved, and able to find happiness in our life.


This workbook is all about deep self-exploration and will help you:

  • Understand what core beliefs are and how they affect your mindset
  • Identify your own negative and positive subconscious core beliefs
  • Learn how to reprogram your automatic negative thoughts to support positive core beliefs
  • Gain confidence and control over your lived experience and your mindset



  • Core Beliefs Inventory: 100 evidence-based questions to assess your core beliefs in the 10 main areas of your life
  •  Automatic Thought Tracker: a step-by-step guide to changing your subconscious programming



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