The OM Leadership Intensive

1:1 Soulful Leadership + Business Coaching

For the leader who does everything for everyone else, but has no one to hold space for THEM.  OM's most exclusive, high-touch coaching offer.  Work 1:1 with me to master your mental health while stepping into your leadership role with confidence and grace. 

Looking to start your therapy or wellness coaching business online as well? Don't worry-- I got you! We can do the inner work of transforming you into your Highest Self, help you become the best leader you can be, AND get your business on-track for 10k months! 

Looking to step powerfully into a leadership role, own your zone of genius, and start a profitable online coaching business centered around your inherent gifts? Don't want to do it in a group setting? Then this is the program for you!

Let me guess...

  • You feel a deeper calling to help heal and raise the vibration of the planet

  • You are a health and wellness professional/therapist who's tired of burning out at their clinical job

  • You want to work with ideal clients in a way that lights your soul on fire

  • You want to create a profitable business around your inherent gifts + passion for helping others

  • You want to manifest scale to 10k months while working less and having more "me time”

  • You're SO over working 40+ hours a week at a soul-sucking 9-5 job that doesn't feel aligned


  • You've implemented some systems, but you feel like you are still struggling in attracting massive amounts of ideal clients to YOU


  • You want to learn how to fully step into your power and role as a health + wellness leader

  • You are looking for more flow, prosperity and abundance in your life

...Then the OM Leadership Intensive is For You!

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What Clients are Saying

There truly isn't a word that describes just how thankful I am to Gabby for being there for me during the work we did together. When I initially reached out to Gabby, I was in the midst of a last ditch effort to heal lifelong wounds that had contributed to a recent trauma as an adult.


I was seeing a therapist in a traditional setting on a weekly basis, but felt lost as to what I was supposed to do between those sessions; I had no experience with coaching and was skeptical that it could work successfully with my very stubborn nature, but as soon as I had my first conversation with Gabby - I felt so strongly that she understood where I was coming from, what I wanted to accomplish & how my mind works to best approach me in order to make progress on this journey.


Gabby was there for me as a support system, sounding board & guide toward healing, so that I no longer felt completely clueless as to how to cope with day to day life between therapy sessions. Before I began working with Gabby, I had a very bleak outlook of my future - I felt I was "unfixable" & that I had to simply resign to the fact that this is how my life would remain.


Gabby enlightened me on C-PTSD, which changed my entire approach to healing, helped me recognize triggers while developing coping mechanisms & worked with me to set goals for a HAPPY future. For anybody who has experienced a trauma, it feels impossible to explain what's going on inside your mind & you have to live with your guard up because of the risk of trusting the "wrong" person - when in reality, you're depriving yourself of the things you want most.


Thank you Gabby - for making me feel understood & for showing me that I could trust you, even when my past had told me that was impossible. Your work & your soul changed my life.

-Beck U.

Playa del Rey, California

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