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OM Leadership Academy


Stoke your inner fire. Steady your inner light.

Step into your power as a leader. 

A 3-Month group coaching intensive for you—the beautiful souls of the helping profession who feel the call to serve at the highest level. 

12 weeks of heart-centered, love-led, soulful work to lift you out of resistance, burnout, and uncertainty in your role as a leader.  

A guided journey that shows you how to feed your unique gifts with balance, alignment, and wisdom so that you can find your way home: rightly in your place as a soulful leader.

When your inner fire burns steady, you become a constant beacon of light. You become a leader.

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We begin ROUND 3

February 2021!

The path to global healing
starts with you.

Imagine a life where...

You wake up each day feeling aligned with your purpose. Your heart feels centered and clear on your role as a leader. You are in your power as an entrepreneur, so you have the space, light, and energy to offer your healing gifts in your unique way. You're sharing your gifts with more people than you could've ever dreamed through the Internet. You're well paid for your deep healing service. You're working with absolute dream clients. You are completely in your power. 

You were born to lead. Your light was meant to be seen. And now you are being called to burn bright.

Let the world see your light. Step into your power.


You are being called NOW to serve in the wake of the COVID-19 Crisis. 

Our planet is experiencing collective trauma, and it is up to us to help as many as we can to move through this time as unscathed as possible.

If you are a therapist, holistic practitioner, wellness coach, light-worker, healer, or ANYONE with a calling and passion to serve—you have likely felt the call that our planet has made. It is our time to step out of the darkness and into the light: it is our time to lead.

Many of us weren’t prepared for this. In fact, most of us have never faced such a global crisis, and we, too, are facing our own set of challenges as we scramble to pivot to the online healing space.

I see you...

…scrambling to learn how to move your therapy practice online

...feeling called to serve for the first time, but having no idea where to start

...wondering how to coach because all you know is therapy, and asking, “what’s the difference?”

...completely lost with how to set up an online business

...confused by the ethics and legality of being a licensed therapist switching to coaching

...anxious about your loss of income, or guilty for worrying about money right now

...wishing you knew how to transform your gifts into a profitable business

...all over the place with wondering what “the best way to serve” right now is

...not feeling fully in control of your career and your life

I understand the frustration of wanting to serve,
but feeling like your hands are tied. 

That’s where I come in. Let me tap into your unique gifts and show you how to call in abundance. Let me light the pathway as you journey back home to your rightful place as a soulful leader. 

My dear beautiful healers,

My name is Gabby, and I created The OM Leadership Academy Mastermind because I saw so many healers like you, desperate to serve and help our suffering communities but powerless to do so. 


Thousands of people in the helping profession are scrambling to navigate this “online life.” Therapists are fumbling with ways to pivot to coaching, and even coaches are wondering “is there a better way I can serve right now?” 


This program will help you learn to build an online business, step into your power as a leader, and learn the strategies of successful entrepreneurs so you can begin serving, healing, and leading others with steady, fervent power. 


When I completed my Master’s degree, I was dumbfounded by the fact that therapists were making $10-$11/hour to hold space for 30-40 clients per week. I was burned out, buried in student debt, and struggling to make ends meet working a second job alongside being a clinician. 


I wanted to serve, and I wanted to lead, but I was exhausted and couldn’t fully show up for my clients. I knew that working tirelessly, not being appreciated, and constantly burning out would not allow me to hold space for people in the way they deserved. So I found another way: I moved my practice online, switched to coaching, and allowed myself to step into leadership. 

Once I stepped into my power as a leader, abundance and soulful service followed. 

  • I started serving high-paying clients, reaching hundreds of thousands of people online, and creating daily content without burning out!

  • My wellness company brought in 6 figures this year, and I went from earning 2k/month to 20k PLUS/month.

  • Dream clients found me through social media, and opportunities to serve 1:1, in groups, at events, and online poured in.

  • My work week no longer felt like work, and instead I found joy, passion, and fire in offering my gifts to the world!

  • Boundaries and self-care flowed with ease, and I had more time and energy to re-charge so I could serve at a higher level.

  • I developed strategies that made my business work for itself, so I could focus on serving and healing (and only work 20 hours per week!).

  • My dream life manifested itself: I serve beautiful humans daily, live with my pups  and my partner by the ocean, and feel completely aligned and at home in my space as a leader!

Within a year, I amassed an audience of 42.5k on instagram, built a steady, high-paying client-base of 50 beautiful souls, and reached up to 20k months: I transformed my passion for healing into a 6 figure business and never sacrificed my soul.

You deserve your dream life, too. This program will allow you to ignite your inner fire, be the leader that lives inside you, and attract the abundance you deserve! 

We need you now, more than ever, to step into your power, so that you can LEAD and HEAL those who need you most. 

A breakthrough is on the horizon...

  • Your dreams of turning your gifts into a business are in reach...

  • Creating a business that feels ethical and aligned with your values is in your power...

  • You can be compensated fairly—and abundantly—for the service you provide...

  • Energy exchange can flow freely and effortlessly when you become fully aligned in your power...

  • Your vision of healing and serving our planet is at your fingertips...

  • The leader you know you are meant to be is waiting to come out!

You already possess within you, all of the answers and wisdom to live your best life.

My job is to support you
in unearthing that magic!

The OLA Mastermind will teach you to feed your inner fire. 

As leaders we want so badly to shine as bright as we can to help others see. We use our fires as beacons of light, as lanterns to guide, as heat to warm. Fire has great power—but without care, without being tended to—fires can grow dangerous or fade and burn out. This mastermind will teach you to feed, stoke, and build a fire within so you can light up the world with your gifts, without burning out. You will learn to build your brand from the ground-up, and scale to $5-10k months with ease. You will be supported the entire time by your team of soulfully charged healers and me, as we help you keep your inner fire ablaze and burning bright. This is the manual for you to take your business online, make 10k months a reality, and serve with passion, alignment, and ferocious integrity. Don’t waste the next 10 years of your life guessing how to brand, create leads, or create funnel systems: learn systems to turn your business into a roaring fire fast. You do not have to walk this path alone. 

You can learn to feed your fire. You can learn to steady the roar, to enjoy the crackling embers, and fill the world with your light. You can learn to lead. 

Stoke Your Inner Fire...

The Healer's Road to Leadership:

Daring to Lead

Discovering your why.

Every great leader has a singular reason for what they do: their "why."
Discover your why so you can lead with clarity, purpose, and alignment!

Conscious Branding

Let your true colors shine.

Your brand should sing. Learn to fully represent exactly who you are with your brand: create powerful visuals, compelling copy, and aesthetics that attract ideal clients. 

Manifesting Dream Clients

Attract those you can heal.

As healers, we want to serve the most people possible. But when we do this, we spread ourselves too thin, and find ourselves constantly out of our depth. Learn to attract clients that are in your zone of genius so that you can serve at your highest potential and greatest capacity.

Master Social Media (soulfully!)

Be true to you.

Allow social media to become a space where you shine and lead! You will uncover strategies to use this space as a healing modality and leadership platform by building your community, increasing engagement, and leveraging your presence to attract boundless opportunities!

Heart-Centered Content Creation

Call in clients with your creativity. 

Captions, photos, infographics, and more: the world of content creation is a rich and abundance-making source waiting to be tapped into. Uncover your unique and creative gifts as a content creator and unlock the secrets for attracting high-paying clients, all with your own creativity!

Soulful Strategies

Let the strategies flow.

You will learn how to strategize your content, time, and energy so you can ease into flow. The strategies in this program will free you from endless workdays and create space for you to relax into your space as a healer!

Lead Magnetism

You have more power than you know.

Become a lead magnet and learn to transform followers into leads. Your magnetism already lives within you, it's simply a matter of learning how to present your magnetic energy so others can see it!

Embodied E-mails

Nurture your community.

People want to hear from you. They deserve to hear from you! Learn to spread your message in ways that reach them, so they know you are there to offer your wisdom.

What you were born to do.

Signature Offer

Discover exactly what it is you were born to do: the service, offering, or platform the world needs from you and that you have the unique gifts to provide. Get specific on your signature offer so you can share it with the world!

Revenue streams that flow.

Abundance of All Kinds

Learn the ins and outs of passive and active revenue streams so you can maximize your profit. You deserve the wealth and abundance for the service you provide, and to do so with ease and clarity!

Heart-Centered Sales

If they don’t know you exist, you cannot help them.

Soulful tools to sell your signature offer in ways that align with your values. Learn to sell authentically and genuinely while still closing deals and landing your dream clients!

Let's Light up the World!

  • Licensed therapists or mental health professionals who are looking to make the brave transition to coaching so they can serve at a higher capacity.

  • Coaches, healers, and anyone in the wellness and heart-centered industry who have big dreams and are ready to become leaders in their field.

  • Brave souls who have walked their own healing journey and feel called to serve in the wake of the COVID crisis and step into the leadership role they know they belong to.

  • Healers who are ready to attract abundance, make 5k+ months without working more than 20 hours/week, and accept the wealth that they deserve for their gifts.

  • Soulful beings who crave entrepreneurship, are ready to be in the driver’s seat of their lives, and are manifesting a lifestyle that embodies their personal needs and desires.

Who I'm Looking For:

If this is you, I encourage you to book a call with me as soon as possible. I am only accepting a limited number of angels into this program, so let me see your light!

Let's Light up the World!

The OLA Mastermind is not just a spiritual business coaching program. I am here to serve you on a holistic, heart-centered, humanistic level!

  • 3-months of group coaching with (2) group calls and (1) 1:1 call each month with Gabby and the OM coaching team


  • Workshops and trainings from POWERHOUSE guest coaches like Dr. Jessica Moy (BIPOC empowerment and anti-racism coach), Alexis Sabatino (womxn's health and divinity reclamation coach), and Amanda Bucci (7-figure soulpreneur and conscious leadership coach).

  • A structured program with weekly online modules to take you through building your online wellness business from the ground-up

  • Mind-body-spirit coaching to help you fully step into your leadership role and embody your inner Conscious CEO

  • Daily meditations to help you break through limiting beliefs around money, worth, and abilities

  • Continuous support and community connection between calls via Slack app

  • Deep, introspective, personal growth work—a holistic approach

  • Authentic ways to create offers to bring in your ideal clients

  • Tools to take you from therapy to coaching legally and ethically

  • Master-level tips for setting boundaries so you have the energy you need

  • Growth hacks to expand your audience and convert them to paying clients

  • The ins and outs of content creation, SEO, and mastering social media 

  • Structuring your sales and optimizing your systems 

  • The secretes for a soulful, aligned, and profitable online business

What you get

There is no other program like this. Therapist-run, business-focused, heart-centered.

When your light shines bright, it has a ripple effect:

"Soooo I have been in complete awe of what my energy is attracting. People are reaching out to ME and asking to collaborate or work together (something I never thought would happen, or if it did it's because I asked them to). SO fam-- I want to tell you all I believe in me and in us and in our collective power. Being in IGNITE has completely amplified anything I put out into the Universe and my life has completely changed!!! Thank you Gabby, for listening to your calling and creating this amazing container. IGNITE is EVERYTHING I needed to channel my energy into action and actualize my dreams.  I simultaneously can and can't believe I'm here because of how incredible it feels. I feel so in my power and aligned with the way I am meant to help heal the world. My shift from scarcity to abundance is well underway! I went from knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel to seeing it to now being in it. I'm forever grateful."

- Amber Gordon (@strike_ignite)

"I truly would not have grown as much as I have without Gabby's program. I feel like a brand new person who is excited about the future, finally working for herself and living her dream of being able to travel whenever and wherever I want to, sharing my gifts, all while being able to serve my ideal clients and calling in massive abundance. My life has totally changed and I have the IGNITE program and Gabby to thank for it."

- Elliott Lea (@_Elliotlea)

"Gabby Ortega is an absolute force. She is leading a movement of activating light leaders and healers across the globe into conscious leadership through her programs, creations, and high-value content. She's leapt into the opportunity to guide others into building businesses and brands that serve at the highest capacity like an absolute BOSS."

-Amanda Bucci (@amandabucci)

I joined IGNITE as a survivor of trauma and a self-healer. Trauma makes you feel unsafe in your body, and entrepreneurship is inherently a risk. Trauma can lead to imposter syndrome too-- a lot of my shame stories were also around not being 'good enough' or 'ready enough', and with entrepreneurship you have to say 'I deserve to be here' and 'I am more than ready to help others'. I found Gabby and IGNITE right when COVID hit and I was honestly really scared... A lot of doubts popped up, but I knew I had a gift, that I was never satisfied or happy at my job, and that I wanted to give back and make an impact on the world. The IGNITE container set me up with a group of other healers who all did different modalities and were in various places on their entrepreneurship journeys, and who all wanted to know how to create online businesses. That along with the online course and Gabby's mentorship totally changed the game for me. Over the course of the program I learned all about branding, design, backend stuff, content creation, and all the things I didn't know I needed to learn. And the best part was that each woman in the group had unique and incredible knowledge and wisdom to share with everyone, so it was HUGE in helping me create everything I wanted to do.  I am the most frugal person out there, so dropping a bunch of money on a course like this was terrifying, but I knew I was meant to do this. I also thought about all the things I've poured money into that haven't actually been serving me, and it was a no-brainer. When you invest in your growth, it comes back to you tenfold. I am SO grateful that I took the leap and joined IGNITE because I AM LIVING MY DREAMS!!”

-Emmy Marie (@blooming_forward), Trauma Coach

  • Light workers, holistic healers, coaches, therapists, and anyone who is holding space for or leading others and wants to expand their revenue streams and create multiple offerings or scale to have more impact.

  • Mental health professionals who are looking to take their business online and serve at a higher capacity

  • Licensed therapists who are ready to pivot to coaching and have autonomy of their practice and scope

  • Health professionals, gut specialists, fitness coaches, yoga instructors, or anyone in the wellness space who is looking to take their business online and scale their business

  • Heart-centered individuals who are hungry to make a difference in the world but don’t know where to start

  • Anyone who is feeling called to serve and step into a leadership role and be of service to others and global healing

Who The OLA IGNITE program is for...

Let me hold space for you. Let's figure out what you need to do so that you can optimize yourself as a leader during this time. And let's figure out a plan for you to implement so that your business doesn't suffer because you're suffering.

Enrollment for the 3rd round of this incredible program opens in January 2021!


How much is IGNITE?

This program is not just an investment in you, it's an investment in humanity! When you step into your power as a leader, your impact has a ripple effect. On your discovery call, we will talk about the investment and payment structure. (Don’t worry, payment plans are available too!)

What are the coaching calls like?

Coaching calls are 90 minutes long. You can expect space for you to check-in and ask for the support you need, as well as foster community with the group. You’ll also get master-level information from some incredible guest coaches (to be revealed soon)!

What if I feel called to lead, but don’t know what my business would be?

This may or may not be a good fit for you. We are looking for those who already have a strong sense of who they are, who they are here to serve, and what problems they want to solve with their conscious businesses. If you have some idea, but its more about honing in, we definitely do that in the program! If you really have no clue what you want to create or who you want to serve, I recommend spending some time discovering those details and coming back when you have more clarity.

Let the world see your light.

Playa del Rey, California

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